What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Hiring Concrete Stair Contractors Chicago?

These days, concrete stairs are fashionable and have been utilized to lend a sense of elegance to houses all over the globe. They are a wonderful approach to updating and distinguishing the decor of your house. They may also considerably enhance your home’s visual appeal. Whether your property is new …

Concrete steps repair or replacement?

Have you ever experienced tripping on a step because it’s cracked and damaged? If you or your guests ever experienced this, it’s time to decide whether you need a repair or replacement. One of the decisions that a homeowner or commercial space has fixed cement steps are repairing it or …

Precast or poured concrete stairs?

When choosing the concrete stairs for your home or business, there are only two choices you have to consider, and that is precast or poured. Where the steps will go and what type of room you have for working maneuverability will factor in, but ultimately it is a matter of …

How do we build concrete stairs for you?

We see concrete stairs just about every day. In the park, heading up to the entrance of a building, or even, connecting levels in multi-level structures. But have you ever wondered how those concrete stairs were built? 

While the process isn’t terribly complicated, it takes a lot of preparation and

Why you should consider concrete instead of metal?

In the construction world there are ultimately two camps. On the one side you have the contractors who swear by steel for its myriad of positive uses. On the other, the workmen who will defend concrete until they become part of the dust themselves.

While there are pros and cons …

How to make concrete stairs look nice?

Concrete stairs are getting more and more popular solution among homeowners in Chicago nowadays. It can be surprising for some of us, but considering all concrete advantages, the surprise gradually decreases. They’re durable, inexpensive and their installation is not so hard even for less experienced contractors. However, people need changes. …

How to repair concrete stairs?

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Cracked, Crumbling Concrete Steps?

Damaged steps are more than an eyesore, they can be dangerous. Whether a home or a commercial property, fixing damaged steps is a priority task that needs to be done immediately. Question is, do you repair or replace? If damage is extensive, it is probably better …

How to take care of concrete stairs?

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Why maintain concrete?

In most cases concrete is a durable, long lasting product without maintenance. So it often raises eyebrows when the subject of maintaining concrete is brought up. Properly maintaining concrete, however, can greatly extend the life of the concrete and the beauty of the concrete: plain concrete can …

Cost of replace a concrete step

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Replace your concrete steps to rejuvenate the staircase

Concrete may be one of the most durable materials, but it won’t last forever. As time flies by, there may be some cracks appearing on the surface, the weeds may start to grow, and the overall apperance of the staircase will sour …