How to make concrete stairs look nice?

Concrete stairs are getting more and more popular solution among homeowners in Chicago nowadays. It can be surprising for some of us, but considering all concrete advantages, the surprise gradually decreases. They’re durable, inexpensive and their installation is not so hard even for less experienced contractors. However, people need changes. If you feel tired of your plain and ordinary concrete steps Chicago, there are various ways to change your stairs into more sophisticated part of your home. The question is, what can add them depth and some dimension? The concrete stairs Chicago market has developed in both craftsmanship and innovation. New tools and new techniques enable our concrete stair contractors Chicago to produce distinctive look and increase your stairs value. There are many ways to add a touch of elegance to your concrete steps in Chicago. Let us show you some of them.

  1. USE DECORATIVE STEP FORMLINER – it’s probably one of the most innovative and user-friendly option. Formliners offer numerous options for textures and designs (including bull noses and cantilevers). They require a bit of extra forming, but nothing extraordinary. Natural concrete steps look is easy to achieve in this method. 
  2. DECORATIVE FINISH – before deciding on this way of enhancing your concrete stairs look, you firstly need to take care of their proper preparing. If there are any dilapidated areas, concrete steps repair Chicago will be definitely required. Decorative design won’t make them disappear, they’ll be still visible – that’s better to remedy this on the very beginning. What about available options of decorative finish for your stairs? They’re literally multiple! Install tiles on the risers. It’s popular to see them especially on outdoors stairs. They’re very easy to clean then – pressure washer is enough to get rid of any dirt. In case of indoor stair wet mop can turn out to be sufficient. Install stair treads and riser covers. They’ll be probably a little bit harder to maintain, however, an elegancy will be definitely added. 
  3. PICK A PATTERN – you’ll be surprised with the variety of patterns available on the market! Spray and stamped overlays can be coloured and stained so as to achieve natural and at the same time, unique look. Also here, concrete must be fully cured before any application.