1. Is there a warranty on the work done?

Yes. We give 1 year warranty after the work is done.

2.Where do you do your work?

The area of our activity includes Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

3 .Do I need to be present in the home during the service?

Presence is not necessary. What we only need from our customers during the service is access to electricity and water.

4 .How long does it take to get the work done?

Average duration of the service depends on how advanced is the order. It is usually between 2-3 days.

5. What kind of concrete do you use?

We use many kinds of concrete. Most often we use 4000 PSI concrete. 6 bag mix.

6. After what time can I use a new concrete driveway, patio, stairs etc.?

It is recommended to wait 3 days before walking on serviced site. You should wait 10 days before parking the car on the new driveway.

7 .Why should I have a driveway or patio for example concrete?

House looks nicer and increases its value.

8. Are you insured against accidents?

We are fully insured and take care of all the necessary documents in town we work.