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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER BEFORE USING THIS WEB SITE. By using, visiting or browsing this web site, you agree, without limitation of qualification, to the following terms of use presented below and to our Privacy Policy.  If you do not agree to these terms or our Privacy Policy, you may not use this site.  Concrete Power. reserves the right at any time, to modify, alter or update these Terms of Use without notice. By accepting our terms of use, you agree to be bound by such future modifications or updates.  Acceptance of these Terms of Use constitutes a legal agreement between you and Concrete Power.

This document outlines the basic procedures, expectations and operation rules of Concrete Power. This document is legally binding, and acts as a contract for any user of the Concrete Power web site. If called into a court hearing, our company representative may call forth in the company’s defense, this document in full or in part.

1. References
1.1 Users
Associations with “you”, “customer”, “visitor”, “user” or any term with reference to the Concrete Power web site refers to any person, computer or device which accesses this web site, or purchases any product/service from Concrete Power.
1.2 Company
“Concrete Power”, “We”, “us”, “our company”, or any other appropriate reference refers to any particular employee, department, division or the company, as an entire entity.
1.3 Links
Link references made in this document should be followed, as information contained behind them is fully applicable to the document as whole.

Some of the hyperlinks on this web site may lead to third-party web sites. These web sites are not controlled by, or affiliated with, Concrete Power  In addition, other web sites may link to this web site.  Concrete Power  is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these third-party web sites.  Concrete Power  makes no representation and accepts no responsibility regarding the quality, contents or reliability of the sites accessible by hyperlinks from or through this Site.

2. Acceptable Use
2.1 General Use
It is considered acceptable that all users of the Concrete Power web site should access it in a way which is legal. Any unauthorized access to any part of the company’s, or client’s private files will result in severe legal action being taken. The company has a zero tolerance for any hacking related activities and will not, under any circumstances, hesitate to take legal action on anyone suspected of gaining unlawful access to any file or folder stored on their servers.
2.2 Orders
Any order placed with Concrete Power may be cancelled, at the company’s digression, if any illegal activities are suspected, and the company will hand over any details that the relevant authorities require.
2.3 Pricing

Prices shown on this web site are for reference purposes only and may be changed at any time

without notice.
Users may only download files for which they are permitted to. Generally, any file which does not require password authentication to access is accepted as “suitable for everyone”. However, all files stored on the company’s server, unless expressly stated otherwise, are the copyright property of  Concrete Power, and must not be distributed, or reproduced in any way without first obtaining permission from the copyright holder. Also note that plagiarism is a breach of copyright, for which the company takes very seriously, and will prosecute to the maximum extent of the law.
2.5 Uploads
Only under certain circumstances does the company permit uploading to its servers from users. When permitted, all uploads must not exceed the stated file size, contain any files which may harm a computer system, or jeopardize the security of the system. Files which the company do not permit to be uploaded to their servers are outlined below:

  • Any file which violates copyright laws
  • Any file which contains pornographic material
  • Any movie or sound files (unless specifically instructed to upload this type of file)
  • Any file which contains illegal material of any sort.

3. Limitation of liability
3.1 Web Site Downtime
Concrete Power makes no guarantees that the web server will experience 100% uptime. Web site downtime is mainly caused by server/site upgrades, or unexpected server crashes. The company holds no responsibility for lost data or missing pages/files within the server file structure. Any planned downtime will appear on the web site homepage, and time taken will be minimized where possible. However, unexpected server crashes are inevitable, and while the company seeks to resolve any problems as efficiently as possible; problems may persist for extended periods of time. Users who experience persistent problems accessing the company’s web site should seek help using the relevant support facilities available.
3.2 Information on Servers
While every attempt is made to ensure that the information stored on the web site is accurate and timely, the company cannot be held liable for any actions caused to the user as a result of our web site This includes liability for personal RSI (repetitive strain injury) which the user may have incurred by excessive computer use. Information gathered from our web site should be treated in a responsible way, and we cannot take any responsibility for user’s actions.
These terms and conditions are currently incomplete, and modifications may be made at any time to maintain lawful conduct around the Concrete Power web server.