How to take care of concrete stairs?

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Why maintain concrete?

In most cases concrete is a durable, long lasting product without maintenance. So it often raises eyebrows when the subject of maintaining concrete is brought up. Properly maintaining concrete, however, can greatly extend the life of the concrete and the beauty of the concrete: plain concrete can look clean and bright-instead of oil stained and grimy. It can look the same after years of enjoyment as it did when it was brand new-instead of faded, oil stained, and dirty. Properly maintaining the concrete protects your investment in concrete.

In what way you can take care of your concrete stairs ?

I know that you think your concrete stairs will last a life time however, there are times that even concrete requires maintenance in order to maintain its aesthetic appeal and continua its duration. The most important is ofcourse regular cleaning. I will show you two ways in which you will help your concrete stairs stay in a good shape :

  1. Using dish soap and hot water

Firstly, you need to sweap the stair to have a clean surface. Then, mix one part of hot water and two parts of dish soap and pour the solution over the stains on your stairs. Then let the solution set for 10-15 minutes. But make sure that it does not dry. Now, you need to scrub the stain with stiff bristle brush. Do it until the stains are completely removed. At the end, rinse it with hot water. You may need to do it two to three times.

  1. Using a concrete cleaner

Remove everything from the stairs and sweep the dirt. Then, mix one part of hot water to one part of oxygenated bleach and mix them together. Alternatively, you can use a specially formulated concrete cleaner instead of the oxygenated bleach and water. Now, you have to spray the steps with the solution and let it set for 20 to 30 minutes. Then scrub the steps with a long handled brush. Finally, rinse the steps with hot water. From the top of the stairs, pour the water down the steps to rinse them clean. Rinse the steps until all of the soap residue, dirt, and grime are removed.