How do we build concrete stairs for you?

We see concrete stairs just about every day. In the park, heading up to the entrance of a building, or even, connecting levels in multi-level structures. But have you ever wondered how those concrete stairs were built? 

While the process isn’t terribly complicated, it takes a lot of preparation and an appropriately trained concrete steps company in Chicago who knows how to make concrete steps capable of withstanding the amount of use expected of them based on their location. For instance, a courthouse concrete staircase will see a tremendous bit of foot traffic.

For your concrete steps in Chicago, this is how it would happen:

  1. A contractor prepares the grade. This takes some basic math but it is critical that it be very accurate, otherwise the stairs will end in an odd place.
  2. Next, they build the forms. Forms are wood boxes that are used to hold concrete in place until it hardens. You have probably seen forms in many places without even realizing it.
  3. Install the appropriate amount of rebar. Rebar is a metal bar that acts like a reinforcing skeleton for the cement. 
  4. Now, pour the concrete. If the form is true, and the rebar is in place, your concrete steps will be perfect, and strong. 
  5. Once the concrete sets, which means it has dried fully, then the forms are removed, and you have yourself a fully functional concrete staircase. 

Concrete steps repair contractors in Chicago know how to fix your staircase if it cracks or starts to chip, and having a good company you can trust with this concern is useful, just in case. Cracked concrete stairs are not only unsightly, but also unsafe. It is wise to install a handrail with your concrete steps in Chicago for safety as well as liability. 

Depending on the time of year, how long it takes before the stairs are ready to be used can vary. The difference in the concrete setting from summer to winter is noticeable, so if you intend to get concrete steps in Chicago, know your timeline.